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I’ve been really busy with essays and such, so i haven’t been able to post for a while.

However, now I am able to put up the photos from my recent trip to tyn-cornel (i mentioned briefly here). With me were some friends including, Chris (the author of the god-free morals blog), and some other people i study and live with.

without further ado, here are some photos:

*all photos are clickable for larger version*

The sign about mobile phones in the photo above is perhaps the best sign i have seen.

The view I had when coming back from walking, and looking for Chris who I was meeting up with.

Recently I went out for a walk in the hills local to the town of Lampeter, in Wales, where I am currently in my last year. The weather was good and as the photos show, you could see for miles around (from the right spot).

The area around the town and university are really good for composing your thoughts and getting away from it all.

More Photos can be found HERE on flickr