It interests me how mobile phones seem to have gone from being a way in which people can contact each other no matter where they are (as long as ther’s signal), to a form of social monitoring. I do not mean this in the sense that the ever increasing amount of phones with gps chips allows the government to track people. I mean more locally in the sense that parents give their children mobile phones, not so the children can contact their friends, but rather so that the parents keep an eye on their children. I over heard one parent asking their child if they got the bus and arrived at school in the morning, it was their first day at secondary school, and the child answered yes. The Parent then said, “I you had a mobile I would have been able to check this morning”. Now I understand that parents worry, I after all was not grown in a vat and unleashed on the world, I have a mum and family, and they worry. But I still don’t know where worry ends and keeping an eye and control on children begins. Especially if said children are not at home.