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My ephemeral year spent in Sheffield has been on my mind of late. My recollections leaving me with the taste of uncoiled thoughts and feelings still in my memory buffer patiently waiting to be let loose into my wider sensorium. If only there was an easy way for that to happen.


I have been meaning to post these for a few days but I have been busy, and now I notice that Boing Boing have another post up about the new police posters turning up around Britain. Boing Boing’s previous posts are here and here . The reason I am posting about this is because the posters seem so poorly designed. The big words on the posters are the words you really don’t want to pay attention to. If you do, they come across as very authoritarian and scary. However, what you have to pay attention to is the small print. These posters are part of the police’s attempt to become more transparent in society. Take for example the poster below.

Police poster 01

The large text of this poster is scary, like everybody it is addressing is guilty of something. However, the small text is the bottom is the one to read. It says ” The Police now pledge to keep you informed on how they’re tackling neighbourhood crime. To find out more go to or text PLEDGE to 66101″. Below this text is the title “The Policing Pledge”. Therefore, the poster is not meant to be part of the anti-terror posters that have crept in to the UK (here ,and here for fun remixes of the posters , noticed how all the links are to Boing Boing?)

The point I am trying to make is that this is the police is trying to make itself more personable and transparent yet they seem to be hiding the meaningful information behind intimidating wording and fonting. If you don’t spend the time reading the posters top to bottom, then you won’t get the message, which in advertising is a major problem i would think.

How about another poster to illustrate my point:

Police poster 02

Here the text underneath reads ” The police pledge to listen and respond to residents’ concerns about neighbourhood crime, To find out more go to or text PLEDGE to 66101″. Again the big, bold type and words don’t help matters, and you have to spend time stopping and reading the small print.

Oh I should add that I am in Sheffield as are these posters.

Dan Hill, writer of the blog City of Sound, has a recent piece up on his site about Sheffield. The piece is interesting, especially the bits that dwell on the music that has come out of the city, concentrating on pulp who I have never really known much about. As I now call this city one of homes, the piece is a good way for me to interact with the city on multiple levels. The first is that I can gleam a little history of the city, both in terms of architecture and in music. I also get some insights of someone who grew up within Sheffield, and how Hill now feels returning, if even for a brief trip.

Much of what Hill sys is interesting and new. I am not sure that I agree with his characterisation of the the Sheffield and the north as monotomous and bleak, and rather uninteresting, but that is something I will address another time when I have the words (and images).

Part the way into the piece Hill says:

Now an almost hollow city, cruelly mined of the manufacturing, trade and resources industries that were its raison d’etre, urban regeneration is pretty much the only strategy in town, leaving a centre defined by cafe bars, galleries and retail, and its edges pitted with vacant development sites next to sheds containing Matalan and Wickes.

It is exactly this city I see when i roam around it, however, it is in this way that I see a sheffield that is becoming and is in many ways a post-industrial sprawl. The city isn’t planned, or organised, neither does all the projects and constant building and converting appear to be.

I even see construction workers, and council maitenance people at work at weekends, and most days before 8am. This, for someone from London, is astonishing, especially if it wakes you up in the morning.However, it the appearance of change and investment of time and money. A city that is not hanging it head to a death bell ringing in its ears. The city is stead moving forward.

One of the things that grabs me as I move about the city is that is feels like itis changing and moving forward, there may be no destination in plain view but that doesn’t matter so much to me.

The ful article is: CITYOFSOUND: Sheffield and the North

Cheese grating car park 001

Cheese grating car park 002

Transitioning to Sheffield is complete, but has left me without a computer unless I get to the library or computer suite (my mac dies during the summer). So blogging will recomense.

What is it with cities and street signs, I swear trying to follow directions or find buildings on streets is horrendous. Most streets seem to have done away with signs, except the residential areas. So it’s easy to navigate around areas i don’t really go and a nightmare to get around the city centre. Luckily most of the uni buildings are signposted pretty well. All this for a city that has a city planning department in the university.

I move to Sheffield in a couple of weeks to start mt MPhil so I thought I would take some time to see what Flickr offers those interested in photos of Sheffield. Below are some of my favourite results.

1. sheffield – england, hidden sunrise, 2. On their way…., 3. Sheffield Train Station, 4. Spartan Youngster, 5. Sheffield Train Station, 6. Civil War Fire In Order