Am in the process of reading Hal Duncan’s bombastic ramblings about his recent travels to see his play performed in Chicago.

Reading these posts reminds me that if you have any interest in fantasy, sci-fi, classical mythology (from __ to Ancient Grece and Rome, gay, ‘literary’, or even the state-of-the-art of Scottish, fiction, you HAVE to read VELLUM and INK. They are a two part mind-bending epic or amzingness. I found VELLUM by, as it turns out lucky, randomness, and bought it on the strength of the cover design and inside cover gobbit*


Yet, i still find myself returning to Heraclitus translated into Scots, which is perhaps my favourite piece by Duncan. Observe:

It wid be wise tae listen
No ti me but tae ma Word’s division,
Showing each accordin tae its kind,
Things us they ur. Maist pay no mind
Tae who they find things us they ur;
They make nae sense u thur sensations,
Simply follyin their ain beliefs.
It isnae right tae act and speak like men asleep.
E’en the posset – curdled milk wi beer or
Wine an spice – ull separate unstirred.
It wid be wise tae listen,
No ti me but tae ma Word. “

Go read the Rest

*Usually called the blurb