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THE REVErSION GAME, I read this a couple of weeks ago before THE NIGHT SESSIONS. Ths is the book that made me want to read THE NIGHT SESSIONS and is a subtler book in its overarching plot. Part of me does wish it was longer, not in actual plot but in the guts of what happens.



THE NIGHT SESSIONS A near-future police procedural in which the characters and their conversations easily overtake the plot as the main attractions.


THE SPY WHO CAME INTO THE COLD perhaps the most famous, and rightly so, spy novel ever written,  featuring le Carre at the top of his game, and is easily as good as I remember it from a decade ago.

répétition 2

I find it difficult to read books more than once. I find I want new books, new ideas. The books I love most I am unable to read again due to the memories conjured by the original reading.