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Rambling in Haiku 2010-11-16 (with new ink)


Rambling in Haiku 2010-11-15 (Images improved through the power of scanning)




Haiku for 2010-11-14

I feel strange working here at her laptop,

A gift to aid, to prompt, to propel,

when I use it I feel connected to her,

she is here with me,

part of me,

but what now,

when that connection breaks,

when communication, desire, thoughts, and understanding, fail?

When the only thing left to do,

is block the exits,

throw away the key,

so you don’t run to her,

follow her,

or stalk her,

So you don’t explain in perfect logic and rational (with diagrams),

how wrong she is.

You block the exits because it’s easier to go crazy, scream, and breakdown, alone.


under my fingers,

in front of my eyes,

is her laptop,

a gift to me.

Haiku for 2010-11-13


Haiku for 2010-11-10

Haiku for 2010-11-09:

Cleaning out the Blog’s cobwebs I fell upon some of early Haiku which I posted here in 2007.  As I just started my RAMBLING IN HAIKU endeavour I thought I’d reproduce it below:

Into bed I climb
Exhausted empty tired
I rest in dreamland

Drab walls closing in
Abandonment felt within
Hopeless is the fight

Losing at each step
redemption not for angels
cast down for all time

Dislocated Bound
located by lack of strings
whose puppet am I

Title Page

I’m starting something new. I started writing Haiku, albeit pretty bad ones, a few years ago, and then I stopped for no apparent reason. Now I want to try writing them again, and this time I want to produce at least one a day. I want to take the necessary time required to get into the space for crafting a Haiku each day. Yes, they may be bad, at least to begin with, but they make my brain-meats function in a different way, and look at the world differently.

I’m also doing the haiku composition manually, with a pen on an index card. There is something special about doing it this way. Watching the ink go into the paper. Creating a stack of poetry I created, produced. It is also the creation of a routine and daily habit, things I am notoriously bad at.

I’ll post here the Haiku I manage each day.

Aside: I did want this to be everyday, but the last two days I’ve been under the weather and haven’t produced anything.

Because you don’t give a fuck

Rape doesn’t matter

nor does the humiliation

Your breaks don’t count

neither bones

nor brain cells.

Nihilism is your God

and he punishes me.


I can’t stand to see you like this

in this place

with this man.

Your apathy shocks me

breaks my heart

what happened to make you like this

what do i do to fix you?

[I was inspired to write this by the title of the Aphex Twin EP ‘Because You Don’t Give a Fuck]