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More future of dead things:

Both Grinding and Environmental Graffiti highlight the work of Brian Dettmer who has turned the ‘dead technology’ of cassette tapes into skeletal creatures, two examples of which are above and below.

Environmental Graffiti says:

“The shells of cassette tapes make up the bones of life-sized human skeletons and animal skulls – so the new creations appear more lifeless than the media from which they are formed.”

Yet, I cannot see the work as lifeless. If anything, Dettmer’s work anthropomorphises the dead cassettes into something more readily identifiable and emotional. By creating skeletons we see analogue music turning into fossils of the passed.

While some bibliophiles may roar in outrage, Dettmer has also worked his magic with books. Again from Environmental Graffiti:

“After first sealing the book, he carves into it, removing content wielding instruments such as a scalpel and tweezers, to reveal fragmented images and words. In this way, the book – often old and hardback – is excavated till it becomes a complex 3D sculpture, at once splitting from and retaining remnants of its original meaning. (my italics)”

I have been meaning to post these for a few days but I have been busy, and now I notice that Boing Boing have another post up about the new police posters turning up around Britain. Boing Boing’s previous posts are here and here . The reason I am posting about this is because the posters seem so poorly designed. The big words on the posters are the words you really don’t want to pay attention to. If you do, they come across as very authoritarian and scary. However, what you have to pay attention to is the small print. These posters are part of the police’s attempt to become more transparent in society. Take for example the poster below.

Police poster 01

The large text of this poster is scary, like everybody it is addressing is guilty of something. However, the small text is the bottom is the one to read. It says ” The Police now pledge to keep you informed on how they’re tackling neighbourhood crime. To find out more go to or text PLEDGE to 66101″. Below this text is the title “The Policing Pledge”. Therefore, the poster is not meant to be part of the anti-terror posters that have crept in to the UK (here ,and here for fun remixes of the posters , noticed how all the links are to Boing Boing?)

The point I am trying to make is that this is the police is trying to make itself more personable and transparent yet they seem to be hiding the meaningful information behind intimidating wording and fonting. If you don’t spend the time reading the posters top to bottom, then you won’t get the message, which in advertising is a major problem i would think.

How about another poster to illustrate my point:

Police poster 02

Here the text underneath reads ” The police pledge to listen and respond to residents’ concerns about neighbourhood crime, To find out more go to or text PLEDGE to 66101″. Again the big, bold type and words don’t help matters, and you have to spend time stopping and reading the small print.

Oh I should add that I am in Sheffield as are these posters.

Cheese grating car park 001

Cheese grating car park 002

The photos below were taken in 2002/03 when I was taking a Photography at 6th as part of my AS Levels. Unfortunately I never completed it as there were more pressing subjects at the time that i preferred to pursue. I just found a folder full of prints from my 35mm SLR.

This first photo is taken from a selection of prints when I was testing the SLR, an old 1961 Asahi Pentax S1A, which doesn’t even have a light meter!

Sky Scaping Silhouette

The photos below here come from research I was conducting for an art piece displaying my photography. The subject I chose was CCTV and Societal control. The plan was to build a Set piece with a box the shape of a CCTV camera. When you placed your head inside the box you would be confronted, on all sides, by CCTV cameras. Alas it was not to be and never constructed.

Moody CCTV 01

Moody CCTV 02

Moody CCTV 03

I move to Sheffield in a couple of weeks to start mt MPhil so I thought I would take some time to see what Flickr offers those interested in photos of Sheffield. Below are some of my favourite results.

1. sheffield – england, hidden sunrise, 2. On their way…., 3. Sheffield Train Station, 4. Spartan Youngster, 5. Sheffield Train Station, 6. Civil War Fire In Order

An idea of what Flickr exposed me to today.

on my flickr today

on my flickr today

1. Machines, 2. somewhere on Zogg 🙂, 3. La Sainte-Chapelle, Lower chapel., 4. Convergence #1, 5. Clermont Ferrand, 6. Sugandh, 7. Untitled, 8. Inside a temple at Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan