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Below is an extract from a guardian article discussing and illustrating the darker side of Dubai. It makes very interesting reading, considering that many of the items discussed have been in the minor news, for several years already.

Now, says McNabb, ‘you drive your western car to your western office. At the weekends you go to the western hotels and have your western buffets and western-style beach club, and it’s quite easy to ignore the fact that you’re abroad.’

He’s right. It is easy. It’s four days before I hear any actual Arabic. Most remarkably of all the remarkable things about Dubai is that it’s occupied almost entirely by foreigners: native Emiratis make up barely 20 per cent of the population. They’re a minority in their own country.

When I meet Sultan Al-Qassemi, a businessman and journalist, he points out that the Emiratis are handling this rather better than the British would. ‘Can you imagine? It’s the equivalent of there being 55m foreigners in Britain, and just 5m of you. It’s a unique case, and I think we deserve extra credit for the way we are handling it. The country is completely open. It is a utopia! Anyone can come here! We are one of the most tolerant countries in the world. And all this has happened in a single generation. Thirty years ago, it was desert.’

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“German police are trying to trace the owner of a sheep which outran police patrol cars and beat up a police dog.”

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