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“Sometimes I feel like all science is doing now is reverse-engeneering Jack Kirby”.



“All the iPhone is is a retarded Mother Box,”


Oh Gepetto...

Rest of comic here

Max Overacts is consistantly funny. Whenever a new one comes out it brightens my day. Here’s two panels for you ( from this comic:

What if he'd opened them...

Three panels from this comic:

I think all older sisters go trough this phase

Four Five Panels from this comic:

...Who doesn't (really) love them?

And an entire three panel gag from here:

...So pure...sigh

Seriously go visit Canaan at Occasional Comics, you owe it to yourself to read his huge archive of genius!

I love PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) comics, and being an anthropologist I had to share:

I am really enjoying the tongue in cheek nature of this plot line too.

The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman

What is the end result of practicing magic? Is it a type of spirituality?
The mystics all seem to want to go straight to the Godhead; the magicians tend to be more curious. They want to explore all of the other aspects of the universe. For me, there is very little difference between magic and art. To me, the ultimate act of magic is to create something from nothing: It’s like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat. And then you can turn that idea into a film, a book, a painting, a piece of music, something that other people can experience. That in itself is stunning. And I suppose this is one of the reasons I got into magic, because I was tired of ducking that question that people always ask writers, which is, ”Where do you get your ideas from?” (My Italics)

from an interview with writer Alan Moore here

Alan Moore is famous for his comics book series V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell as well as Swamp Thing, among others.

This is from the comic Book Planetary Issue 0, pg 6