2008-2010: MPhil in Archaeology received from Sheffield University (Currently Finishing) Received from The University of Sheffield

Thesis Subject: Archaeology, Trading Zones, and Clearing Houses: The central claim of this thesis is that archaeology is no one, single, centralized, thing, but, is a collection of disunified approaches investigating the material residue of historical human activity, organised through a disciplinary Clearing House. In this way archaeology is above distinctions such as ‘science’ or ‘humanity’.

2005-2008: Anthropology and Archaeology BA received from University of Wales, Lampeter

Undergraduate Dissertation: ‘beings and their time’: A critical evaluation of the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger within archaeology. Fieldwork was undertaken at the Royal Woolwich Arsenal in Greenwich to study how social conceptions of time, history and heritage interact on a site with a long history interacting histories. The project wished to go beyond chronologies and timelines to express a conception of time that is a collection of ‘instances’, in a polyvocal narrative


October 2009- April 2010: Researcher into the Social History of Cybernetics. I wrote about the beginning of this work here: Week 1, Week 2, and week 3, The rest isn’t on the blog.