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I’m starting something new. I started writing Haiku, albeit pretty bad ones, a few years ago, and then I stopped for no apparent reason. Now I want to try writing them again, and this time I want to produce at least one a day. I want to take the necessary time required to get into the space for crafting a Haiku each day. Yes, they may be bad, at least to begin with, but they make my brain-meats function in a different way, and look at the world differently.

I’m also doing the haiku composition manually, with a pen on an index card. There is something special about doing it this way. Watching the ink go into the paper. Creating a stack of poetry I created, produced. It is also the creation of a routine and daily habit, things I am notoriously bad at.

I’ll post here the Haiku I manage each day.

Aside: I did want this to be everyday, but the last two days I’ve been under the weather and haven’t produced anything.