The pursuit of a good place to turn thoughts into writing is a continuing process. I need cleaness, simpleness and, usually, coffee nearby. Below are three recent homes to my creative sparks.

1) The most usual, the humble coffee shop, and English tradition, although in this case an Italian chain, where most of the Enlightenment was put together. Now of course people think of tea.

Photo 1246.jpg

Photo 1247.jpg

2) Then of course there is the out of the ordinary cafe. In this case it is the St. Martins in the field (church) Crypt cafe, which has an awe-some ambiance and acoustic quality.

Photo 0862.jpg

Photo 0858.jpg

3) Recently the most glorious place and way to write…Outside!

Photo 1308.jpg

(Yes that lady is hula-hooping, she was there for an hour, serious work out, and it must be said anybody who hula-hoops in public is showing off)

Photo 1304.jpg

(If Redbull gave you wings I am sure I would write in the sky as well)

The place I do my writing is becoming specific and I am thinking through what works and how. Once upon a time I could write anywhere. Now life is not so simple. On I go. As we all do.