More future of dead things:

Both Grinding and Environmental Graffiti highlight the work of Brian Dettmer who has turned the ‘dead technology’ of cassette tapes into skeletal creatures, two examples of which are above and below.

Environmental Graffiti says:

“The shells of cassette tapes make up the bones of life-sized human skeletons and animal skulls – so the new creations appear more lifeless than the media from which they are formed.”

Yet, I cannot see the work as lifeless. If anything, Dettmer’s work anthropomorphises the dead cassettes into something more readily identifiable and emotional. By creating skeletons we see analogue music turning into fossils of the passed.

While some bibliophiles may roar in outrage, Dettmer has also worked his magic with books. Again from Environmental Graffiti:

“After first sealing the book, he carves into it, removing content wielding instruments such as a scalpel and tweezers, to reveal fragmented images and words. In this way, the book – often old and hardback – is excavated till it becomes a complex 3D sculpture, at once splitting from and retaining remnants of its original meaning. (my italics)”