I mentioned that I like new things, and one of them is actually ‘dead objects’. Or, the ‘Autopsies Project‘  which is, as Haidy L Geismar says on the Material World blog,:

“The Autopsies Project explores how objects die. Just as the twentieth century was transformed by the advent of new forms of media – the typewriter, gramophone, and film, for example – the arrival of the twenty-first century has brought the phasing out of many public and private objects that only recently seemed essential to “modern life.” The project brings together a team of postgraduate students and full-time lecturers, from several humanities and social science disciplines to reflect on the ends of objects, raising questions of modernity, obsolescence, memory, collecting and recording.”

The Autopsies obituaries section, and the website itself, is really rather interesting, for example one of the posts is about ‘Matches‘, you know, those phospherous headed sticks that you use to light things. Below is an abstract:

“On consideration, I decided they may in fact be the ultimate in dead objects, for their useful working lives are so short they are pretty much dead on arrival. They are struck, they burst into momentary flame and then are consigned to ashtray, bin, or pavement. On a wider scale, matches have been traditionally shunned in favour of the mechanical lighter which is refuelled and re-used.”

I urge you to check out the website if only to wonder in awe at what is being covered. I’ll even post the address again: The Autopsies Project. Go Now