Ocmpoma has posted a link to an article called ‘Systemics and Cybernetics in a Historical Perspective‘ which has the following, very interesting, abstract:

“Systemics and cybernetics can be viewed as a metalanguage of concepts and models

for transdisciplinarian use, still now evolving and far from being stabilized. This is the

result of a slow process of accretion through inclusion and interconnection of many

notions, which came and are still coming from very different disciplines. The process

started more than a century ago, but has gathered momentum since 1948 through the

pioneering work of Wiener, von Neumann, von Bertalanffy, von Förster and Ashby,

among many others. This paper tries to retrace the history of the accretion process and

to show that our systemic and cybernetic language is an evolving conceptual network.

This is of course only a first and quite incomplete attempt, merely destined to give the

‘feel’ of the process. Systemic concepts and models are underlined in order to enhance

the perception of the process, as well as its systemic significance”



Mash has a post detailing ‘The Cybernetic Explanation” which includes the following section which details reversing entropy:

  1. Systematic local reversal of entropy is caused by systematic feedback.
  2. Systematic feedback is caused by directed behavior.
  3. Directed behavior is caused by a Turing machine or the equivalent.
  4. There exist Turing machines.
  5. Therefore there may exist systematic local reversals of entropy.

Shorter version: life is a computation.

But the explanation is actually broader than life. It begins with a fundamental relationship between feedback and entropy. And this makes sense, because feedback can be seen as a way to reverse the arrow of time in a limited but real sense.”

Mash’s post also ends on the following:

“if you are a cybernetic materialist, naturally there is life, and life reflecting on life” which is one thought to end my weekend.