So Begins a new research project and it started like this:

A couple of weeks ago Matt Webb of Berg, posted on his work log that he was interested in the interconnected history of cybernetics from the 1940’s and 50’s, and if anybody was interested, in researching the subject, to get in touch, which I did.

After a couple of back and forth emails, in which i blabbed about who I was and what I did, we met, got on well, it didn’t seem to matter I was half an hour late to our first meeting, and we decided working together was a good idea. And then we met again this morning to sort a few things out, and of course talk and make connections until matt announces he has to get back to work, this may be a trend forming.

So, now we’re ready to go public, and share a little. Which means that  you are all now looking at a researcher delving in to the secret forbidden history of cybernetics and the people, ocassions and situations which gave birth to an, at the time, revolutionary way of looking at the world. It must be said cybernetics is still influencial today, the reason we don’t notice it may have to do with something Webb said this morning ” Do we not talk about cybernetics because it  now pervades everything? like fish don’t talk about water”. I like the idea of swimming in cybernetics and diving under the surface to find a world not explored by many.

Right now my main aim is to assimilate, pull apart, and decant to computer, a core selection of texts which deal with the birth of cybernetics. Once this is done we’ll see where to go later.

I plan to write weekly updates which discuss and reveal a little bit about what what is happening and what kind of paths are appearing in front of Webb and I. I’m sure somewhere down the line Webb will have something to say.

Today also sees the commencement of a scrapbook, or research process platform over, at Haunting Thoughts my Tumblr log.

My name is Benjamin Mankteow and now I have a new research project to obsess over.