Below you will find the slides from my 02009 YAPG presentation. It deals with what I am calling a disunity of archaeology model. The ideas and influence come from the disunity of science thesis within the philosophy of science. The ideas contained within the presentation are working notes torwards the first part, of three, that will make up my PhD.

[Edit] I have dug out my original presentation abstract (written  in academic).

‘Trading Zones’: archaeology and the disunity of science thesis

A ‘trading zone’, as defined within the philosophy of science, is an ad-hoc academic grouping that exists outside of traditional disciplinary boundaries. Such trading zones are never swallowed by a parent discipline. Members either perform research into the same phenomena, but using different approaches, or they utilise the same approaches, but to investigate different phenomena.

This working paper will take the above as a starting point and present the idea of archaeology as a trading zone, thereby questioning the affects this has on current conceptions of landscape archaeology. Such a viewpoint would open up the possibility of dialogue, and potentially bridge the gap, between the humanities (post-processual) and sciences (processual), which have increasingly become segregated within archaeology, especially in studies of the landscape.

This presentation will be drawn from the first section of ongoing research into a ‘disunity of archaeology’ model.

I hope to have some lengthier notes on the 02009 YAPG, and my evolving research, soon.