Dan Hill, writer of the blog City of Sound, has a recent piece up on his site about Sheffield. The piece is interesting, especially the bits that dwell on the music that has come out of the city, concentrating on pulp who I have never really known much about. As I now call this city one of homes, the piece is a good way for me to interact with the city on multiple levels. The first is that I can gleam a little history of the city, both in terms of architecture and in music. I also get some insights of someone who grew up within Sheffield, and how Hill now feels returning, if even for a brief trip.

Much of what Hill sys is interesting and new. I am not sure that I agree with his characterisation of the the Sheffield and the north as monotomous and bleak, and rather uninteresting, but that is something I will address another time when I have the words (and images).

Part the way into the piece Hill says:

Now an almost hollow city, cruelly mined of the manufacturing, trade and resources industries that were its raison d’etre, urban regeneration is pretty much the only strategy in town, leaving a centre defined by cafe bars, galleries and retail, and its edges pitted with vacant development sites next to sheds containing Matalan and Wickes.

It is exactly this city I see when i roam around it, however, it is in this way that I see a sheffield that is becoming and is in many ways a post-industrial sprawl. The city isn’t planned, or organised, neither does all the projects and constant building and converting appear to be.

I even see construction workers, and council maitenance people at work at weekends, and most days before 8am. This, for someone from London, is astonishing, especially if it wakes you up in the morning.However, it the appearance of change and investment of time and money. A city that is not hanging it head to a death bell ringing in its ears. The city is stead moving forward.

One of the things that grabs me as I move about the city is that is feels like itis changing and moving forward, there may be no destination in plain view but that doesn’t matter so much to me.

The ful article is: CITYOFSOUND: Sheffield and the North