Dupre’s book ‘Darwin’s Legacy’ is a short (around 124 pages, large type) book dealing with evolution, and what it means today. Dupre even notes in the beginning that he is looking at evolution from a phlosopher who studies biology. While largely a general overview of prevlent themes within evlutionary theory, the trademark opinionated, measured analytical postions of Dupre shine through. Dupre is at home explaining why social biology, and evolutionary pyschology are incorrect. He also seems genuinely positive about the meaning of evolution to people today, largely in the form of systematic treatments of race, sex and gender (the fact that they are not completely biologically meaningful). The passages are a culmination of the book and they work well.

This book isn’t a general, attemtpt at objective, history of evolution, and what it means. This book is a position text for what Dupre thinks evolution should/could be.