“Last week I watched the most frightening horror movie I’ve ever seen.
It was about three hours long, and, incredibly, it all unfolded live.
I’m talking, of course, about the inauguration of Barack Obama.
Yes it was inspiring, yes it was uplifting … but it was also
genuinely terrifying on a very human level, because just like you I was
watching it with the terrible nagging suspicion that he might get shot
at any moment.”
Is how Charlie Brooker’s article detailing Obama’s inauguration begins. An articles which is ineresting and raises the point:

“Because, quite frankly, the vast majority of people on this planet
would be far happier if, for the remainder of his presidency, Obama
only makes public appearances encased within a gigantic
iron-and-concrete ball, addressing crowds via a Wi-Fi link to a nearby

Which for me goes against the reason that Obama becoming president can appear to be so great. Yes, people may fear for his safety, but the current times allows for Obama to stand where he does and do the job he does, safely. It is the ability for Obama to appear in public, to interact with the country that elected him to the Presidential office, that makes the figure head of being President even more potent. If everybody, thought or knew, that Obama was hiding in a bunker, then it would appear to the world that Obama was not safe and that he was not what people wanted in the President.

Brooker’s original article is here