When ‘Current World Archaeology’ started a few years ago, i subscribed from the beginning. And every two months I would get the magazine and read it through. Things became more difficult when at uni, because it was still sent to my home address, not the one for uni. Therefore, when I got home for the holidays I would have a couple of issues waiting for me and it would be nice. Things changed once again this year as I didn’t go home from uni for the year, and, even if I did have family visit the magazines never came with them. So, when I arrived home this summer I had a nice little collection of issues to read, and as happend often with me, I promptly forgot about them.

Now as I am once again packing up my life for my move to Sheffield and my MPhil, I am reading those magazines that have been waiting for me, some for over a year. It is interesting and relaxing to see that in some way, archaeology has a non hardcore academic frontline and place to present archaeology to the wider public who may be interested but not enought to pay the hight rates for the academic journals that publish maybe twice a year.

**Current World Archaeology are not paying me, or even asked me to write this post, the thoughts are from one who is interested in the subject matter and how it functions**