The photos below were taken in 2002/03 when I was taking a Photography at 6th as part of my AS Levels. Unfortunately I never completed it as there were more pressing subjects at the time that i preferred to pursue. I just found a folder full of prints from my 35mm SLR.

This first photo is taken from a selection of prints when I was testing the SLR, an old 1961 Asahi Pentax S1A, which doesn’t even have a light meter!

Sky Scaping Silhouette

The photos below here come from research I was conducting for an art piece displaying my photography. The subject I chose was CCTV and Societal control. The plan was to build a Set piece with a box the shape of a CCTV camera. When you placed your head inside the box you would be confronted, on all sides, by CCTV cameras. Alas it was not to be and never constructed.

Moody CCTV 01

Moody CCTV 02

Moody CCTV 03