what is there to say except you can’t always win


well maybe I should add you can’t always win by playing fair


so with this thought, i slugged him hard in the face saw his head twist and lurch back, felt his cheek crumple under my punch. At the same time of course i felt each of my gloved fingers break.


but hey what’s a handful of broken fingers compared to being alive instead of dead.


you see there was no way i was gonna make it out of this alive, not without cheating. So that’ what i did.


My dad always used to say that if you could think of how to cheat and get away with it then you deserved to win. My dad saw that the only ones who cheated and got away with it were the real smart ones, those who could outhink the system, those kinds of people were needed.

//The beginning of something? I dunno//

(copyright Benjamin Manktelow 2008 etc)