Cory Doctorow’s ‘Eastern Standard Tribe’ opens with the difference between engaging with a story and dissecting one.

This (due to hindsight) could be seen as a prelude to an evening a few nights ago, when a few friends and I watched some films.


Funnily enough the same idea came up, that of watching the film and letting it take you, and its opposite (?) that of trying to guess and work out where the film is going.


I find these ideas interesting and something I have been thinking a little about, and will continue to.


1. It seems that if you ‘engage’ with the film and let it take you, you are there ‘in the moment’, one of constantly changing contexts movements (if it is a film).

2. there are certain tv programmes in which the analyse and work it out is perhaps encouraged i.e. Lost, or 24.

3. Even in the above case there are those who prefer to ‘watch’ and those who ‘analyse’.


It is not a matter of right or wrong (for me) simply interesting and different ways of approaching, in this case, films.