1. It has to be said that Apple wouldn’t stay in the limelight quite the way it does if it was not for their press ‘events’ (the dramatic wording seems rather post structuralist), where they unveil their newest wares. In particular what makes the ‘event’ special to fans is the quintessential Steve Jobs line ‘Oh and one more thing’ where he unveils the major, new product. Also the success of the ipod, and the many updates that come out the door for it, keep people watching what apple are doing, and send these customers back to the stores to buy the newest incantation of the ipod, even if their current one works perfectly well.

2. It also has to be said that the pop culture that has grown up around Apple has multiplied quickly over the last few years, with the advent of the ipod and so opened the door to all of Apples other products. Thus leading to Apples’ market share of computers increasing.

3. A quote on the Apple website, about the iphone, made me realise, what i was infact reading about all these days. The quote was that, the iphone made and received calls very well, as well as all the other bells and whistles available for it. For the months leading up to the launch (and infact after it) all the coverage seemed to speak about all the wonderful things one could do with the iphone, except the one thing perhaps that was important with a mobile phone, how the making and receiving of call and, also now in this generation, sending and receiving text messages.

//This may seem obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs expressing.